Sleep 'til you're hungry, eat 'til you're sleepy ~ Unknown

The average amount of sleep required is 5 minutes more ~ Unknown

MD Information

My name is Koda and I'm a MD

What is MD?
MD stands for anything you want it to. Some of the things I use are "Medigcal Dogtor" or "Mister Dog". I'm sure with some imagination some better MD translations can be made!

What does being an MD mean for you?
Being an MD means you are the best dog you can be. This could involve the classic fundamentals such as digging holes, chewing toys, finding a foolproof escape route from your yard.

For those who enjoy a challenge, being an MD involves radiating adaptability, intrigue, indifference and so many others. Modest brilliance and indifference jumbled into a convincing k9 ruse. The opportunities for an MD are endless.

Why am I an MD?
I am an MD for many reasons. The main reason is that I have so many different personalities which I utilise and adapt to different situations. This is an MD essential, each mood holds different MD qualities. I'll give you some examples:

Miserable Koda - I mope, I sigh, I stare wistfully into space (or a chair covered in stuff - move it for dogs sake I want up there!), I manipulate my skin so all my snout rolls congest and portray the signature "woe is me" look. I am very good at this one, puppydog eyes and expressionears help.

"OMD" Koda - I bark, I growl, I attempt to howl, I tear at neckfur and demand attention, I plonk toys on other doggies heads, I say  "Get up and play you lazy sod!". You get it. This one doesn't happen very often but is very effective in taking on those Siberian folk.

Indifferent Koda - I do not respond to the spoken word, taunts are ignored, life is happening but I will make the most of it - taking it in bit by bit. Toys and pups make me bored. Food is thoughtless. I am very skilled in the art of indifference, I bring this party trick out on many an occasion.

Responsible Koda - I walk on the lead, I pull straight in my harness, I ignore other pups but supervise when necessary. This is a useful skill for an MD.

Playful Koda - I'll play, chase, knaw at your neck, but it won't go further than that. Goodtimes to be had by plenty. Good for the girls too, they like it nice and gentle.

Racing Koda - I'll hold my line tight shaking in my boots waiting for the countdown. I'll bark too if I get impatient but the line stays tight. On that "Lets Go" I'll take off, ears flapping and paws spinning, doing my Mother Dearest proud.

Those are just some examples of what makes me an MD. I'm sure all of you can relate to these and find MD qualities in yourselves!

Any questions?
I hope I've given you an idea of what being an MD really means. If you have any questions about being an MD, please leave a message on our posts and I'll paw you an answer!

Mr Koda MD - Modest brilliance is best.