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14 March 2012

I have returned! Again...

Howdy Friends!!!

I have been absent for long times. A lot more has happened since I last made a miserable attempt at keeping this bloggerywhatsit going.

* Our replacement car that we got to replace the one that blew up, blew up. So now I have EVEN BETTER Koda wheels that I think you will all approve of!

* My Ma left her job for the Governments and now works for a company that designs/makes/sells its own brand of merino clothing! She brings home wonderful garments and praises the lord that my fur isn't sticky. I wonder what some of you fluffers would do to her precious clothes if you got your paws onto them!

* Prior to starting said job which has resulted in long times by myself and an abundance of loneliness, she went on holiday!! I was sent to camp for 2 weeks then my Nan picked me up from the doggy prison and I had 2 weeks lazing in the sun with her and going on adventures - swimming in the lake and sunbaking. Ok so it wasn't all bad...

* My Ma purchased me a new Condo for me and also a holiday home for me to have at Nan's place permanantly. I am currently living part time in the Condo and part time inside, and have rented by holiday home to my big sister at Nan's house - she is a good kitty and will look after it well providing I get the caretaker (Nan) to attend to the ongoing maintenance and pay her pawer bills!!

I have now threatened to give Ma the old heave-ho and she has agreed mercifully to provide me with assistance with regular postings and such like.

So this is a welcome back for all and hope to visit you soon and catch up on all the news!!!

Your pal Koda