Sleep 'til you're hungry, eat 'til you're sleepy ~ Unknown

The average amount of sleep required is 5 minutes more ~ Unknown

14 October 2012

Car problems

Hi pals

I have been having problems in the car. I don't want to get in and when I'm in I get scared.

Ma reckons its a faze I'm going through because I like to mix things up a little.

I used to love going in the car!

Do any of you critters have funny things you do?


12 September 2012

Tricks or Trickery

Good Day Furbuddies!!

Ma tells me this sounds exactly like me... as it took me five years to learn to shake hands. 

I am not sure if that is good or bad...

Mr Koda

06 September 2012

Ma Cuddlies

G'day Pals and Palettes

Hope everyone is having a good time with their families and furpals, chasing many a ball and scratching many an itch. 

All is well in the Land of the Long White Cloud. I have finished my sled dog racing which we competed in during June and July and have a weightpull event coming up which I hope Ma will bring the Camerabeasty to take note of the happenings to share with you all. 

It is Winter here in New Zealand although it has been very mild. No snow for us, just sunny days and an absense of the normal sideways rain and horrendous windy horribleness. We have been very lucky but Ma has not been any more active so I have spent many a day cooped up inside enjoying the sunpuddles. 

We did visit the Grandma for a wee bit a few weeks ago and again we partook in many a lazy snuggle. 

A Labrador does love his lazing. 

There is nothing better then a snuggle with a loved one. This is your cue to give your loveyone a good old fashioned snuggle to get them through the week. 

Keep well

02 September 2012

Another Publication

Howdy pals!

My friend Jewel is an amazing artist and you will see the two portraits that she has done of me for my Ma. She also put together an awesome book to present her recent work on her sled dog exhibition "Born to Run". My portrait is in there along with many other fuzzy faces you may recognise. 

Ma got a copy in the mail but I decided to have a flick through. Many of my pals are in there and looking pretty awesome! Hurrah all you awesome pals!! 

She does some wondrous work - please visit her website here and see all her great works of art - if you haven't already! 

Your pal

26 July 2012

Full of the lurgy

Hello folks

Ma has been struck down by the lurgy and is full of snots and coughs. Being the good Koda I am I was right there making sure she got through it a-ok.

It was hard work, it really was. All that snugglycosyness and day long naps. Sigh!

Now she is back at work and comes home grizzling about a sore noggin and a huffy snooter. Whats a lad to do!?

Hope you are all happy and healthy.


29 June 2012

Treasure Hunt


This is a portrait of yours truly by one absolutely wonderfully talented lass named Jewel who does fantastically cool coloured pencil pet portraits! Some of you may remember the portrait by Jewel that my Ma got done a couple of years back - see it here.

This portrait was completed off a photo taken while Ma and I were practicing for Weightpull. I am being extremely well behaved and was telling Ma that she is a mad hatter! Behind me which you cannot see is a 3 wheel rig loaded with tree stumps which Ma was trying to get me to pull. I told her to get her A into G and pull it herself!!

Anyhoo.... back to Jewel! You should all visit her website at and view the screeds of loverly artworks and the cooldoggies and kitties and horsies she has captured! You might even recognise a few fuzzy faces in there!

Keep warm!

21 June 2012

Sting Moment

Are you singing?

Ma tells me that I am worse then this doggy and should learn patience and....

Oh I stopped listening after that!

Mr Koda MD

19 June 2012

A restful mornings doze

Howdy Pardnars!

It has been very chilly here in New Zealand lately and I have been in my Ma's room at nights on my bed. 

Ma got up and left me to doze this morning. 

She came back. 

I was in her bed. 

She got out, I got in. 

What would you puppers and kitties have done?


23 May 2012

Race Prep


The blogger has changed and Ma is a bit frazzled with how it works.

I have been busy getting ready for this seasons sled dog racing events and Ma has been making me run about a bazillion kilometres for each training run to make sure I am fully prepared and fit she says.

I get rather tired after these horrendous distances

(Note from Ma: Our training runs are generally between 3 to 5km and we sometimes have breaks if its warm... We also go for walks during the week and make sure Koda doesn't get bored - a passion for running for Koda and having fun are at the top of my list!)

I actually love running lots and keep up with the others we train with although sometimes Ma has to scoot lots so we don't fall behind. She is good and scoots heaps during races so I can run faster!

We are doing freight this year - we did this last year too - Ma's scooter is weighted with lead plates so it is over 35kg in total. It means the lead plates are around 20+ kg and get bolted on so Ma can still work her scooting magic!

Last time I did freight I didn't even notice and actually ran better in my race than a normal scooter race!

See! I am a happy chappy when I've been running!

How have you all been?

Your pal Koda.

14 March 2012

I have returned! Again...

Howdy Friends!!!

I have been absent for long times. A lot more has happened since I last made a miserable attempt at keeping this bloggerywhatsit going.

* Our replacement car that we got to replace the one that blew up, blew up. So now I have EVEN BETTER Koda wheels that I think you will all approve of!

* My Ma left her job for the Governments and now works for a company that designs/makes/sells its own brand of merino clothing! She brings home wonderful garments and praises the lord that my fur isn't sticky. I wonder what some of you fluffers would do to her precious clothes if you got your paws onto them!

* Prior to starting said job which has resulted in long times by myself and an abundance of loneliness, she went on holiday!! I was sent to camp for 2 weeks then my Nan picked me up from the doggy prison and I had 2 weeks lazing in the sun with her and going on adventures - swimming in the lake and sunbaking. Ok so it wasn't all bad...

* My Ma purchased me a new Condo for me and also a holiday home for me to have at Nan's place permanantly. I am currently living part time in the Condo and part time inside, and have rented by holiday home to my big sister at Nan's house - she is a good kitty and will look after it well providing I get the caretaker (Nan) to attend to the ongoing maintenance and pay her pawer bills!!

I have now threatened to give Ma the old heave-ho and she has agreed mercifully to provide me with assistance with regular postings and such like.

So this is a welcome back for all and hope to visit you soon and catch up on all the news!!!

Your pal Koda