Sleep 'til you're hungry, eat 'til you're sleepy ~ Unknown

The average amount of sleep required is 5 minutes more ~ Unknown

22 May 2011

Return of the MD


I am back, its been a while and I am going to try and catch up with all of you properly this time and convince Ma to help me more often so that we can all keep in touch.

It would be fair to day a few things have happened since I last updated all my faithful followers and furiends! Perhaps I will sum it up in a little poetic text...

Biking and walking and running and scooting
Eating and treating and snoozing and schmoozing
The big car blew up and we were a bit stuck
But at least we were not far from our friends (so we didn't need a tow truck...)

They rescued us quick and we borrowed a car
Our plans all but changed cos we couldn't go far
Ma parted with monies and bought us some wheels
But theres not much room for sleeping and meals
So we can't go to lots of races
Because theres ice and snow in lots of places
And the wee car we have now is a sporty wee ride
But lacks that faithful little four wheel drive

Ma has been lazy and neglecting me
And I have been refusing to run
But when Ma decided to get the scooter out again
I am pulling like I'm being shot with a gun

We have races in two weeks
And more late in June
I've been running fantastic (as long as its dark, the daytime runs have been pretty miserable...)
And acting like a loon

I'm exhausted from a busy weekend
Assisting the humans mend trails

But hence, they look fantastic now
And ready for dog barks and wails

I'm catching up with all my furiends
With Ma assisting me to type
Its a big job to visit you all
And see whats been happening and ripe

Please bear with me while I see to you all
And make sure that all my friends are well
I've missed out on months of happenings
But I'm sure all your bloggies will tell.

Best wishes
Koda MD