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The average amount of sleep required is 5 minutes more ~ Unknown

29 March 2011

Its my pawty, I'll eat pie if I want to, pie if I want to...

Well not exactly, there was no pawty and no pie. But I went for birthday walkies with my pals which was very exciting indeed! Me and Suki: Me and Summer:
The team:

The team again:
Me and Qannik:

The team, again:

Me and BJ:

Me and Kodiak:
Me and Quee:
Birthday Number Twos!:
A brilliant end to a rather lazy day!!!

For those of you that read this earlier, I didn't indulge how old I turned today! Five years for me!

Apologies for being scarce, Ma has been bike riding and ignoring me heaps. so I've had to pull a fair few strings to organise to share my birthday with all my bloggy friends!

I hope all of you are having a wondrous day!


10 March 2011


Hello pals

Do you see anything wrong with this picture? Aparently Ma was quite miffed about something about 5 minutes after cutting the lawn very very short....

Yes you are correct. Poofields mean Poofields. Hence the poo...

Happy Trails!

Mr Koda MD

07 March 2011

Actual adventure

Greetings puppies and kitties!

In my previous post, I shared with you the pathetic Niagara Falls. That wasn't what Ma went to see without me, but was a mere side trip on the way home.

Ma was off to visit Curio Bay which is in The Catlins, a very scenic part of New Zealand. It was a beautiful day and a good drive to test out the new Kodamobile.

She didn't see any whales or dolphins or penguins.
But she did see this little cutie:

She couldn't remember her name but she was a rottweiler cross. Very cute, Ma stopped by and asked if she could cuddle her.
Wish she'd brought her home for me.
Oh, and they saw this creature:
The sea lion was sunbaking on the side of the driveway and had lots of people stopping to take photos of it.
I think I'd be scared of that.
Koda MD

05 March 2011

Niagara Falls = Pathetic

Hello Pals

My appearances have been sparse and far between but I assure you I am ok. Ma has been busy working and eating and biking so hasn't had much time to type blog posts for me, I'm not sure where her priorities are at the moment!

I dug up some photos from January, Ma and TeamHusky's Mummy went for an adventure without the doggies. I was left at home to sunbake in my poofields which wasn't too bad.

She said she went and visited the New Zealand version of Niagara Falls. I thought they were meant to be marvellous and extreme and amazing.

See - here is the sign:

And here is the lovely illustration slash photo:

They looked nothing like the photo. They were abysmal, pathetic and a downright let down. Ma said it was lucky she didn't drive there specifically to see them as she would've been very disappointed.

See, looks nothing like the advertising photo at all.

Never believe what you see in advertisements BOL.
Waterfallist and Philosophist