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23 February 2011

Christchurch Earthquake

Hello pals

Following on from September 4ths 7.1 earthquake near Christchurch in the South Island of New Zealand, they were hit with a big aftershock yesterday afternoon at 12.51pm measuring 6.3 on the richter scale.

Because this earthquake was centred very close to the city and only 5km deep it has caused devastation mainly to the CBD of Christchurch City with damaged/collapsed buildings, rockfalls, sink holes, liquifaction (water/mud spewing out of the ground). Many people are missing, some are trapped and others are injured or dead.

Yesterday is said to be "New Zealands Darkest Day" and I would have to agree. Reports are all over the news in New Zealand and also in other parts of the world.

If you want to find out more, there is info galore on these websites:

We have been following the regular updates on the Herald site and watching the news on TV but we cannot begin to imagine the devastation of being there and it doesn't seem real from 570kms away. All our thoughts are with the people and animals in Christchurch.

Koda and my Mother Dearest

17 February 2011

I'm not dead

Hello friends

I am ok! I am not missing or awol. I haven't joined a cult or skipped away to join the circus!

We have had a busy few weeks and blogging has been shoved to the side for the moment. I have not been able to post because I rely on Ma's svelte fingers to type for me and have been quite lazy in commenting on your posts - but I have been skimming through and catching up on the news when I can.

I have also been doing a fair amount of this:

My itches have been pretty good of late and I havent been inflamed like a beetroot for a while, just a scattering of habitual scratching. Ma reckons the antifungal medicines I was fed last September have eradicated most of the problems I was having which my previous vet had not detected. Lately I have just had some mucky ears which are easily fixed with a cleanout and some treatment goo squirted in my ears.

Oh, and I've been doing a bit of this too....

I'll be back - Arnold Whats-His-Name


06 February 2011

Schnoz update

I'm going to look like Scarface Claw for the rest of my life!