Sleep 'til you're hungry, eat 'til you're sleepy ~ Unknown

The average amount of sleep required is 5 minutes more ~ Unknown

25 November 2010

Pike River Mine tragedy

Hello Pals

My paws and thoughts are with the families of the 29 miners presumed dead in the Pike River mining explosions.

An explosion in the Pike River mine near Greymouth trapped 29 miners at 3.45pm on Friday 19 November 2010. The toxic gas levels and safety of the mine has been monitored all week ready for rescuers to enter the mine to attempt to locate the men. At 2.37pm on 24th November 2010, a 2nd explosion hit the mine, and the 29 miners trapped in the mine are now presumed dead.

Please see This Link for more information.

New Zealander's and particularly the West Coast community are banding together to support each other at this hard time. Messages and support have been received from all over the world.

It is planned that once it is deemed safe to do so, a further effort will be made to locate and retrieve the bodies of the miners and return them to their families.

Keep Safe


20 November 2010


Om nom nom nom nom chewbone nom nom!

19 November 2010

Man of the house (aka MOTH)

Good evening buoys and gals

You know how I was saying Ma has been very slack lately and that is why I have not been blogging much? Well. I was lying.

This is the truth, right here, shown to the world:

Aparently "Koda, for dogs sake, its a bit hard to paw your blogs when you are busy snoozing on the blogmaker!"

Or whatever.

Anyhowl, yesterday the MOTH moved out of our place and its just me and Ma now. Ma told me it feels a little boring and quiet round the house at the moment, but it is the best for all. We had a gargantuanly fantastical sleep last night with the bed to ourselves. Hence, I have informally been crowned the new MOTH by unanimous vote. Pfft!

Ma dressed me in my smarts to make my incoming speech. But lets be honest, I couldn't be bothered.

I am hoping now that I have figured out the technical reason for this nonbloggingness, I will be appearing more often and back to normal.


Happy Weekend!


14 November 2010


Good evening

While I am pawing this, Ma is stuffing her face with a sherbet dab (sugar and various other goodies) she bought at a craft market. She doesn't need it. But she tells me it will help her feel "peppy". Pfft!

Anyway. So a few weeks ago my green and glittery tag went AWOL. Ma supposes that I have scratched it off with a fit of the itches. Who knows, like I'm going to divulge to her where I have hidden it. She cannot help herself but dress me up like some drag queen. Come on! There is only so much purple and glitter one can handle.

You can imagine my relief when she bought this replacement:

Yes its still glittery, but at least its a colour suited to a ManDog. I hear she was considering all sorts of coloury goodness... it could've been pink! She did say she liked the turquoise but it was only in a kitty tag - with fish bones on it...

So we have been having some fantastical weather here at the House of MD.

The sun has been shining and there has been minimal wetness leaking from above. Thank Dog! It means I can sunbake out in my poofields. Only with a suitable sunbaking platform of course, who would want to laze about on the greenery where I do my business?

This was somewhat convenient and comfortable until the sun disappeared from the poofields and I my sunbaking platform was stolen from me with haste.
I had to resort to good old misery.
Fleece is just not the same. And wood doesn't have that subtle cushioning of the mattressy whatsit.
Ahh! Folks, I forgot to tell you also - I am superbly chuffed - I am able to again sleep ON THE BED! Such luxury. Lets hope Ma doesn't change her mind about it too soon.
So, Ma had lambrack for tea and the lounge room smells like meaty heaven. I could've put on the big ole brown eyes puppydog face, but there was not a chance any of it was going to fall into my gob with Ma's agility with the knife and fork.
Lamb Lamb everywhere but not a drop to eat!
Happy Sunday Allpups and Kitties!

Koda MD

09 November 2010

Froggy Doggy Moose

Good evening chaps!

Firstly, I thought I'd share a little Froggy Doggy for Merdie & Khyra.

Dontcha think I look a bit minature Moose-like in this snap? I would like to wish my pal Moose a belated Happy Birthday for 31st October!

Secondly, catching up on some news, we all knew Remington was Football Mad but I am little worried that Jack has gone Kitty Mad, Buddy has gone Poo Mad and Lorenza's Ma has gone a little overboard with her decorating prowess and started de-pinking the Grandma's place!

Huffle has been watching too much True Blood, Twinkie realised that it was in her best interests to let the kitties have their day and Mango was bright enough to acknowledge the power the kitties have over us of the K9 variety, appointing a scary looking bodyguard of the meowth variety.

Martha met a new squeeze by the name of Fawkes, Thomas & Charlie ensured that the Mancat Monday conference went down a treat and Benny & Lily located a long-lost Nemo!

Thirdly, a piece of advice to The Thundering Herd, don't eat the yellow snow!

So much has been happening that I have missed out on due to Ma's excrutiating lazyness. I better get my paws into gear and get catching up methinks!

On a different note, K's Ma got some bad toe news which we are devastated by and looking at the Pretty Chocolate Goodness that is K, I have paws, elbows and insides crossed for a positive ending to this horrifying and fateful event. I bet R and their Ma are taking the bestest care possible of dearest K. Please let them know all our thoughts are with them.

Koda MD

03 November 2010

Happy 80th Birthday Grandad!

Greetings pals

Today would of been my Great-Grandpaws 80th Birthday. He passed away in April 2009, you can see our post dedicated to him here. We went by the cemetery and placed some yellow roses on his grave, his favourite flowers.

Happy Birthday!!!! Wishing you the bestest day, wherever you are.

Koda (and Ma I suppose)