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31 October 2010

Celebrations, bad news and a solved mystery

Hello pals

I have been absent from blogging, not by choice I assure you, but Ma has been lazy and unenthused. A few things have happened which I will try to share with you over the next few posts.
Hope everyone is faring well and enjoying themselves immensely - no doubt I will read about all the happenings and shenanigans when I get round all your bloggies!!!

Anyhowl. This is my 200th post!!!!! Hurrah!!!!! Hooray!!!!! It went fast! Thank you all for visiting my bloggie and entertaining us during this wonderful time! And hoping for many more posts to come.
On a sad note, last weekend my furiend Doug came round to play and we had a lot of fun (One of us had more fun than the other cos I was not as enthusiastic as my comrade in playing with my lonesome toys, however height was on my side)

Dearest Doug was tragically hit by a truck later that afternoon and was killed instantly... Ma & I were shocked! We were only playing that morning!!!!!!! I had my paws crossed that it happened swiftly and he is in a much better place now. I will see him again one day and take some of his favourite toys for us to play with.
Now on a more positive note today, Ma has been pondering of late about the spare bed being all ruffled and russled. She blamed the MOTH instantly cos he has stored a whole heap of junk in there and is not known for his tidyness and eye for detail.
Here is the bed:
And here is the culprit:
Can't a guy have some peace and quiet and a comfy bed anymore! Pfft! Obviously it is frowned upon.
Today it was hot and sunny and we went for a wander in the forest this morning with Mr Bling and his sister Jewels. Do you remember when he was little and when we went on adventures??
Well he is big and fun now and he has a wee red Siberian Sister. She is furry cute and cuddly! I walked with Mr Beej because he is a good boy. We were both very polite with Bling and his Sissypoos.
I suppose thats enough reporting for now chaps and chappettes, Happy Sunday!

18 October 2010

Birthday wishes & weightpull

Greetings ladles and jellyspoons!

Today is Ma's birthday, she is as old as the hills. She is having a little get together on Saturday with a few friends but she didn't care enough about me to send invites to any of my friends, I might just have a party of my own someday.

Because it is her day and this is my blog, I will share a photo of my choice from the archives...

Entitled "Dorky looking Ma's shouldn't pose with outdoor power equipment cos her lazy butt is unlikely to even know how to turn the darn thing on":

Anyhoo, I have a photo of me doing actual competition weightpull, its the best I can do fur now but its better than zilch! Note the very serious expression (I may or may not have had a bit of gas). I am always serious about weightpull. I am making it look like it was hard work aren't I? It wasn't but I didn't feel like doing much. Do you think I look good in blue? Ma doesn't have anything for me thats blue.

Best wishes for a Happy Monday!

15 October 2010

Severe apologies and a good news story!

Hello folks

I have to apologise for my slackness over the last few weeks. I have been terrible at visiting your bloggies and blogging myself. Its all Ma's fault of course. I can't work the tappity-tapper with these paws. Please accept my sincere apologies!

I have to share this story with everyone. It was in yesterdays paper and you can view it here. This dear elderly Labrador Retriever "Gail" was missing for 8 weeks and discovered in a neighbours tunnelhouse (you know, one of those things you grow stuff in). Which means she was in the tunnelhouse during our snow 6 weeks ago and also during the recent hot weather. She is lucky to be alive!

I am so happy for Gail and her paw who will be so happy to have his best friend home safe.

Paws up for Gail!

Koda MD
Paw paw clappety clap!

06 October 2010


I've never been much of a sport fan, and neither has Ma...

But since we got Sky TV (like Foxtel or Cable or whatever your version is called - a million channels and all that jazz - never much on!) the MOTH (Man Of The House for you newbies) has watched a lot of rugby league.

Our New Zealand team "The Warriors" did not make it into the finals, but they did play some interesting games.

The Junior Warriors team (under 20s) won their grade with a clean sweep against an Australian team! Bravo!

I'll continue to wear my shirt with pride!

Koda MD
Proud New Zealander (never mention there are a lot of Aussie lads in the team, but we don't need to care too much about that...)

04 October 2010

A colourful MTB excursion

Good day pals and a very happy Monday to you all!

Ma was feeling a little exasperated after another Monday at work and decided that a bout of fresh air and exercise on this lovely sunny afternoon was in order, I quite agreed - having been holed up the back yard all day, the scenery can get a little monotonous.

She even decided to take the old rubbish kamrah so if she dropped it, it wouldnt matter too much... the only problem is she took a couple of very cool videos which we can't share with you cos the silly files only want to play with Quicktime which Ma doesnt want on this computer.. does any puppy or kitty or their Ma's and Pa's know a way to make them work in Windows Media Player? We have tried taking them off camera and off the sd card itself. Videos we take on the new kamrah work fine! Please help.

Anyhooo... back to the original topic of this post - adventures!

Ma hooks me up to the stem of her bike, like on the scooter but much simpler, I still have my bungy to save me from the jerking and I still wear my harness. But most of all, Ma can help me out a lot by peddling... which is a change for her lazy bum, speaking of bums, she got some padded ass [insert visual here of a well laden pack-donkey... or am I wrong?] pants that are aparently very magical especially when its rough.

And when she says "Ok, lets go!" I do what I'm told:

And of course, with Ma assisting with the forward movement, I can go really fast!!!!!!:

The mountain bike track has had the loggers go through also, like our sled dog tracks so it can get a bit rutty at times, but they have made a whole heap of little windy trails through it... Ma was too useless to steer the bike, stay on the bike, watch running into my bottom and take photos at the same time along the little trails tho.

There are also trails out in the sunlight too which I enjoy... Ma took this very gawky looking photo of me, although she doesn't realise it was a set up. My ears really do have minds of their own:

We stopped for a few drinks also cos it was quite warm and I was working hard like a trouper, and Ma was perhaps a little lazy for my liking. This really does demonstrate the menagerie of brilliant colours that have infiltrated my life just now:

I don't know why she bothered bringing water. There was a perfectly good muddy pond there I could have bathed and slurped in without worry:

Biking excursions are always fun! But I must admit, I was getting a little tired by the end of it.

But sun, fun and a run makes for a very happy Koda!

Happy Monday to me!

And a furry happy Monday to all you puppies and kitties out there also!!!!

Koda MD

02 October 2010

New clothes


Yesterday afternoon a package arrived for me. Opening it slowly and keeping a sense of anticipation about, I revealed a wonderful creation, a piece of useful art as it were.

Ma assisted me in applying said artpiece to my outer furs and I was ecstatic!

I am moving too fast for Ma to catch me with the kamrah, overjoyed with excitement:

OK, so once my initial exuberance wore out, I had a moment to think about it:

My new harness is purple with fluoro orange padding, it is the same as my green one you see all the time, but made of different stuff. It was made fantastically by The Real Dog Equipment Company. We stopped in on our travels to weightpull and Ma organised for this to be made for me cos my green one is getting a bit haggardy. I am just thankful she didn't make me wear pink or cerise - which she was very close to doing!

YAY! So when are we going for our run Ma!?!

Koda MD