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30 September 2010

Red, hot and fiery!

Hello pals

So after all the excitement and adventures of going away in the weekend and then having Ma at home for three days, I am roaring red:

Welcome to Spring for the Labrador.

28 September 2010

My first weightpull event!

Greetings pals!

So after my first instalment documenting our journey to weightpull on Friday, we had a good weekend.

On Friday night, Ma snuck me into her cabin for about 20 minutes and then she felt so guilty and paranoid that she popped me out again. I had a cosy nights sleep in the car.

We were woken on Saturday morning by the sun streaming in through the trees. Ma shackled me up to the porch outside her room again and I had a chewstick. It was much better than being stuck in the car!

Once Ma got herself sorted, we went for a walk along the river near the camping ground. There was lots to see and do:

The morning started to get very warm! When we got back from our walk, Ma helped set up for the weightpull. I got hooked to a water tap and lazed about in the sun, which I quite enjoyed!

So you wanna see me do my weightpull don't you? Well bad news pals, we didn't get any photos of us doing it! But we will get some asap.
So what happened...
Firstly we had qualifying, this involved just getting a harness on and pulling the empty cart along the 5 metre chute. This was just to show that I could pull the cart and that I wasn't scared of it.
Secondly the cart is loaded with a minimum weight, I think the first weight (including the cart) was around 128kg (around 283 pounds). We all coasted through that very easily!
Thirdly, the weight was increased in increments of around 29kg (63 pounds) and each dog has a turn. Dogs don't have to start at the minimum weight but could start as high as they wanted but could only continue in the competition once they successfully pulled the weight. The dogs have 45 seconds to start their pull and get a second turn if the first turn fails. I liked to scare Ma a little and only pull on my second turn with only seconds to spare! You can also skip up to two weight increases but must pull the third to continue in the competition.
Heres me ready for my turn:
On the first day I did every pull as Ma wasn't sure how much I would pull and thought that if we skipped some, the increase might be too high.
On Saturday my maximum pull was 421.2kg (928 pounds)!!!!! This was fantastic for my first time! I am currently 25.8 kgs (56 pounds) and my result was:
6th in my class (dogs under 27kg/60 pounds)
10th overall for highest weight pulled
Body weight ratio of 16.33 (I pulled 16.33 times by bodyweight!)
9th overall for body to weight ratio pulled
We also got a box of lovely Maranui natural pet meat as a prize for best effort from a first timer!!!
On Sunday I didn't feel like doing much as I had tried so hard on the Saturday, my maximum pull was 187.6kg (413 pounds). A lot of the doggies didn't do as well cos it was very hot and they had tried so hard the day before. My result was:
9th in my class
15th overall for weight pulled
Body weight ratio of 7.27
15th overall for body to weight ratio pulled.
We got a prize of dog treats for the furtherest travel to the event!
Here are some pictures of some of the other doggies weightpulling:

Max the Basenji, he was 12.9kgs (28 pounds and half my body weight!) and he pulled over 500kgs (1102 pounds!) for his personal best:
Meisha the Samoyed:

Nemo the New Zealand Huntaway:

Polly - I think she is a heading dog or a pointer! She was such a wee toughie, she pulled over 700kgs (1543 pounds) and she is only 20.4kgs (45 pounds):

Elmo the Alaskan Malamute, he pulled over 1000kgs (2204 pounds!!!) on Saturday and he was very well trained:

Lutek the Siberian Husky - he was very keen and bouncy:

Monty the Labrador Retriever:

Indie the Siberian Husky:

We had a fantastical weekend and will do it again next year! I will try and get some pictures of me performing to show you in the fullness of time.
Koda MD
Enjoying the sun

24 September 2010

Travels to weightpull

Hello Folks

Me and Ma are away roadtrippin' to my first weightpull event... to see more about weightpull you may want to visit this site... or this site...

So anyway... we left town about 10am and got here around 4pm with a couple of stops along the way which Ma failed to document even with the NEW KAMRAH she got from the Man Of The House for her birthday which IS NOT for another three or so weeks yet.

Its a pretty snazzy lil kamrah.

I digress.

So anyway, we got to the holiday park where the weight pull is being held and where we are staying... I spent the car trip in the back seat looking pathetic.

Ma was kind enough not to leave me in the car while she piddled around (not literally) and fluffed about (again, not literally) unloading the car and all our bits and bobs. She hitched me outside the cabin like a pony. This isn't the first time I've felt like a horse, of course!

Oh and I suppose you wanna see the little tiny cabin she is staying in... without me.

Anyway after Ma stuffed her face, we went for a wander to suss out the surroundings. First of course, nature called and I had to evacuate my bowels at the entrance of the holiday park.. and Ma had to carry it around for the whole walk. HA!

Speaking of horses... I noticed that my Number Twos moment had been viewed by half the countryside:

"Do you mind!"

Nope, I don't think they minded one bit!

So we carried on our travels. I was hopping round a bit funny and walking sideways and all together throwing a bit of a hissy fit, then Ma realised I had a prickle in my foot:

I notice she was kind enough to take a picture of it before plucking it out! No blood, but there is a little dent in the pad on my front left paw.

This sheep was secretly laughing at my Prickle Dance:

So anyway, Ma is going to visit our neighbours who have got the yappy Samoyeds over the way that keep interupting my napping attempt and I am going to have a socialised proper sleep in my voluptuous bed in the car...

We have the morning free so we might go for a walk and Ma will have some lunch before the weightpull qualifying at 12noon. Wish me luck pals!

Koda MD

23 September 2010

Show Us Your Tongue contest!

Hello pals

Twinkie is holding a contest! You can see more about it right here!

So Mum says "Koda, would you most kindly select a lovely tongue photo to submit to dear Twinkie's contest?"

And I say "Blaugh Ma, I'm snoozing in rare sunpuddles today, so would you just get off your butt and pick one yourself, you lazy inconsiderate......."

And then Mum says "Fine Koda, but you can't moan about my choice of picture you whiny old sod"


Now we are calling each other names!?!

Ah well, heres my entry friends:
"Slurping rain of my schnoz after a soaking canicross attempt"

Go on, enter the contest, you know you want to...


19 September 2010

Sled fun!

Good evening pals!

I hope you have all had fantastical weekends full of fun and adventures. I sure have!

It continued to snow overnight and we woke up to more of the white stuff fluffing up my poofields and our driveway and every other outdoor orifice.

My house is ok and remains snow free amazingly as I thought my previous renovations would of brought it to some sort of sopping tragic end.

Because the snow is aparently very watery and wet and heavy, we have had some buildings rooves collapse from the weight of it. You can see some articles about it here, here and here.

Anyway, back to the original topic of this post...


We met our friends from Team Husky and we got to have a couple of turns on the sleds. The first time we went out, which was also Ma's first time on the sled (and my second) I went with Ma and another black Labrador called Link. He is just the same size as me and a fellow sleddoggery participant. We took the littler toboggany sled. I don't have any pictures of us but we were great!

The second time we went out on the bigger basket sled and I went with Ma and Qannik (brother of Mr Yak of Team Husky fame). Ma said she would like to put him in her pocket and take him home. We had a great time! Here is a shot of a rather red-faced Ma and us returning to the trucks:

Happy Super Sleddoggery Sunday everykitty and puppy. Keep warm! They say we can expect more snow over the next two days...

Mr Koda MD

18 September 2010


Hello pals!

I am a happy puppy today! It kept snowing overnight last night and this morning and continued on and off all day. Usually I am quite powderpuff pansy about getting my paws wet and being out in the cold... but it was super fun!

So we had fun:

We even went for a walk and stopped in at Team Husky's place for some tape to hold up the zip on Ma's snowboots. I got invited in for a play!
My poofields look quite different than what I am used to.

Everything is white and the trees are all weighed down with snow.

I hope everypuppy and kitty is nice and warm today! I don't think this snow will hang around very long, so I am glad i got to have adventures in it today!

A real snow dog today

17 September 2010

A post for Khyra

Good evening pals!

So, here I am lazing on the bed on a Friday night. I am dry, warm and cosy.

It has been spring in New Zealand for 17 days now. The lambs are hatching and the calves are falling out of their Mummy's bottoms. Poor wee fellows.

Today it rained, hailed and snowed...

I think I would freeze to death out there. Look at it! My little house is struggling to keep out the snow drifts... Yes, I made a little nest out of my blankies... because of my "renovations" my house is not as weather proof as one may like...

And there are HUGE snow drifts by our driveway...

Even the car did not escape the clutches, or "khlutches" of the deadly snowfall...

Ok, so the MD may have exaggerated a little telling all these tales...
I hope it stays on the ground and keeps snowing overnight so I can go on an adventure with Ma tomorrow, if I don my jacket I might be ok.
Koda MD
YAY its friday!!!!!

15 September 2010

What doesn't make me Mango!

Hello pals

I notice that after Dexter had his Black Labradog contest, Mango has now regained the spotlight and is running a "I wanna be like Mango contest".

I thought long and hard about entering the contest...

Why do I wanna to be like Mango?

Do I want to be like Mango?

What qualities make me an avid and competitive Mango-likeness?

The slobber. I can't compete with that!

Why is being a Mango so special?

Does being a Mango-likeness make me more attractive to the ladies?

How can I gain an extra 45642645123098 rolls of skin to my already floppy jowls?

Do Mangoes taste nice?

Am I realistic candidate for this contest?

Should I nap 23 hours and 45 minutes a day instead of my usual 23 hours and 44 minutes a day to increase my napskills in order to portray a more realistic Mango-likeness?

How much skin should I be showing to keep it G-Rated?

Do I need to take a week off and get up close and personal with the Mango to study his RH self to learn what I need to be a successful Mango-likeness?

Then I had a revelation....




I cannot be a convincing Mango-likeness, it is impossible! I like my scootery runs and bikes and walks too much, I like to be clean and slobberfree 99% of the time, I don't have enough excess chinskin, I am too small, I am too Labralike, the list goes on.

But most of all... I am far too demure and modest:

I can't go parading around my privates to just anyone...

Happy Wednesday


13 September 2010

Weightpull Classtime

Hello pals

Sincere apologies, it has been a while since I've posted or visited your bloggies, however I have been so exhausted practising my weight pull techniques, but mainly on listening skills and moderating my non-existent attention span.

First and foremost I would like to introduce you to my most faithful assistant, I will call her Queen Victoria! She has been most helpful in being operating the brakes and protecting my rear end from being barged by the rig we are using to practise with.

And here are some shots of me....

You'll notice two things. One is that Ma has kept herself out of these pics as much as possible to not expose her increasing likeability of chocolate and lollies. And Two is that I am somewhat distracted and going sideways in a few of the shots. I am snootering and devouring the Bunny Goodness Nuggets that have started appearing in the field. YAY its rabbit season, my favourite time of the year. Nom nom nom.

Each practise we don't go far, we just work a little on listening and pulling. We have only done larger weights once but Ma reckons if I can get my ears to work properly we will do ok.

Ma of course has been coercing me with bikkies, and although you can't use them in the competition, it is good to practise with them for an incentive for me to actually pay attention, I often find my mind drifting off....

MMMM... Bikkies... Bunny Goodness Nuggets... SLURP!... SNORE!... Nom Nom Nom

So anyway, where were we? Oh yes - Bikkies!!!!

After our sessions Ma has been buttering me up with bikkies so I look forward to it ending of course...

Apologies for this photo - as many times as Ma tried to upload it, it kept going sideways even though it is fine in our folders...

Heres what I think of you, Ma:

Yes my friends, a little tongue poker-outing never goes astray. Nevermind pals, there's snoozing to be done!

Happy Monday