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31 July 2010

What I also found on Mums kamrah after some MD snoopery

Good Evening pals!

I have been participating in a sprinkling of snoopery and found some adventure snaps on Mums camera. She had been on yet ANOTHER adventure without me. Why can't pups go on all these trips? Pfffft! I don't know.

The tower she visited is not as impressive as the Eiffel Tower:

or Auckland's Sky Tower:

It was just this tower:

Its a water tower. Its only a piddly 42.5 metres tall and was built in 1889. It has a 297,000 litre water tank on top. Oh woohoo. Blah blah blah.
It has 112 steps to the landing/viewing deck. They are made up of little steep staircase laddery things like this:
It has creepy windows that look like this (demonstrated as even creepier by the black and white dramaticising by Mother Dearest):
Here is the view from the not very high viewing deck:

Mums kamrah is rubbish and it did funny things with the fog and streetlights:

Great adventure...not.
Mr Koda
In the pip.

29 July 2010

Art with an MD - The Bieber Fever Edition

1. Pop on a great CD in your iPod - I have used a walkman as my example for those of you that are old fashioned, I am playing Justin Bieber - The NZ Fan Edition of My World 2.0.

2. Accentuate your best features - Star Eyes are a must as is an effective nose enhancer, eg pentagonal blob.

3. Jazz it up with some highlights - I have painted my nails pink because it is a pretty colour and is not your everyday run-of-the-mill boy nail colour. Adds intrigue.

That was your art lesson for today.

Mr Koda MD

27 July 2010

What I missed out on

Good afternoon gentledoggies and kitties!

I survived camp, and got rescued at approximately 5.20pm on Sunday, what a relief!

Mum spent the weekend in the grand metropolis of Queenstown. Queenstown is famous for bungy jumping and thrill seeking activities, ski fields and is a premier holiday destination for both summer and winter.
She went snowboarding on Saturday, spending the day on the learners slope falling on her bottom and having a grand ole time. On the ride home from the kennels I had to listen to the moaning and whinging about feeling like she'd been run over by a truck or something. I wasn't really listening.
The Man of the House is a little more successful:
He is smack bang in the middle of this shot:
And this one too, with his dorky friends of the non-furry variety:
Here in a lovely shot taken from Mums car on the way home, the red arrow shows the skifield (Coronet Peak) and the yellow arrows show where the township is:

Some other driving home scenery shots:
And a people mover in the sky:

International flights come into Queenstown ferrying tourists as it is a renowned tourist destination so I've heard.
Hope everyone else had a great weekend doing stuff! I am so glad to be home from Doggy Prison and have spent the last two days at home with Mum who cared enought about me to take some time off work to snuggle and grease up for leaving me at the kennels for the weekend.
Happy Tuesday

24 July 2010

Don't worry pals....

... the purple collar emerged from the wash with not one mark!

I must try harder next time.

By the way, my portrait was drawn with coloured pencil and the detail is amazing! The real life version is even more stunning!!!!!

See more details at - perhaps you can borrow your Mummy or Daddy's plastic and order one for them for christmas!

Worth efurry cent!

By the way, I have been sent to camp. When mum dropped me off, I couldn't wait to curl up safely on my blankies. I was quite intimidated by all the barky dogs! I saw some other little soldiers that would rather be curled up with their Mums and Dads at home then spending the weekend in Doggy Hell!

However... Mum assured me it was safe and she will remember to pick me up on Sunday. Paws crossed she doesn't forget me.


21 July 2010


Hey look pals, its me!

Mum surprised me with a distinguishingly handsome version of yours truly. This was completed by our lovely friend Jewel. She is amazing! See her other fantastical pet portraits here. You might recognise another handsome chap there too!


20 July 2010

19 July 2010


Hello pals

I didn't feel like pawing much last week because I was so hideously embarassed by my new predicament.

I spent much of the week doing this:

Do you notice anything different about the MD?

Yes you have pups and kitties:

Mother Dearest has not cottoned on to the fact that purple makes me gender confused and feeling a bit miffed. I am not a purple kind of fellow!

(Note from the useless Mother Dearest: it is a rich purple, the photo made it look bluey)

I am thankful that the purple is overtaken by that lovely lime colour, now that is a colour I on good terms with.

Don't worry! I fixed it. On Wednesday I found something dead, decaying and delicious to roll in and got as much muck wedged into the collar that it was unbearable and disgusting to those peoples sensitive snorters. I am now back in orange, for good I hope.

Hope everyone had a fantastical weekend. Mother Dearest had the scary noise machine out on Saturday morning so I spent the morning on her bed, not scared of course, merely keeping out of the way. We Yaksat on Saturday and we went for our usual Sunday adventurings in the forest and I spent the most of yesterday afternoon napping in the scarcely positioned sunpuddles on the sofa.

I am also aware that Mother Dearest has something special that will be unveiled tomorrow! It is arriving in one of those parcel vans that bring the important things to town... (like boxes of snacks), I am very looking forward to tomorrow!!!!

I will share it with you as soon as I am enlightened!

Mr Koda

17 July 2010

Learnings of an MD

Tennis balls can be used for tug-of-war, providing you have your jaws aligned right...

An MD's throat makes an excellent chew toy...

Sticky drool aids in the catching of airborne snacks...

As do floppy ears and nonchallance, balance is important...

Kodiak demonstrates that as long as you focus...
All snacks will make it into your already prepared mouth...

Patience will reward you... drooling onto the snack dishes also helps, or helping yourself to salami...
Fancy cheese can be used as a crayon, should you need one in an emergency...
Those siberian creatures are a bit upside down... but I knew that already...

Feinting non-interest is a good battle tactic...
Siberians are so fast and clever with illusions, I'm sure I was pretending not to care on the other side of the couch before...

Happy weekend everypuppy and kitty!
Mr Koda MD
with assistance by Mr Yak

14 July 2010

More than one Mr Koda MD?

I'm just staring at this weirdo in the mirror...

Oh! Hang on while I think about this for a moment...

Is it possible that there can be more than one Mr Koda MD?

The mind wonders...

Mr Koda MD

12 July 2010

I forgot the 2nd part of my excursion!

Good evening gentledoggies and kitties!

Do you remember when I told you a couple of weeks ago about my cold and freezing weekend at grandma's house?

Saturday night was spent like this:

Yip you are right, I was cold and miserable. Like most days.

Things were looking up on Sunday morning when the chopper man came around to finish the tree felling and clean up the tree that had dropped its coat.

He brought a friend with him:

We had a great time playing, but I don't think he liked my way of play.... the learned behaviour from those siberian terrors I play with....

Anyhoo we had a good time!

His human did this to our tree in question:

He took all the evidence away and it just look like a scattering of woodchips on the grass. Very tidy indeed. Mum was too slack to take a picture of the finished product. Or the scary machines he used to do it.

I also viewed these "things" from the dining room window:

They are a breed of bird called a "tui". They have a funny white tuft under their chinny-chin-chin. The neighbours had a sweet sugar/water mixture below the tree on which the tuis snacked and slurped.

Nothing much else happened. I was glad to be headed home.

OUT of the FOG!

And out came the sun! Look at this scenery:

The mountaintops rose out of the fog!

Happy trails
Koda MD

10 July 2010

An important thing to remember

Me... attacking my toy?

Those toys need to understand who's boss.

Your turn Ropey, I'm going to keep my paw on you to make sure you are understanding what I mean...
The Boss

08 July 2010


Hello pals

Family is important right? I pawsonally don't really get along with my brothers very well. So its quite lucky that I don't see them very often!

I know of two brothers who I do see quite often tho...

Here is one of them:

Snowflake Mr Fox

Can you guess who the other brother is?

I'll give you a clue:

Paws and Bones!

OK, if it has not yet clicked in your furry noggins who this other brother may be...

Its Mr Yak!

Mum says Yak is one handsome dude.....

I just don't understand how he gets all the ladies!
But nevermind. If I don't like my own brothers, at least I can borrow these too (Qannik and Kodiak) when I want some of those tender family moments.
Mr Koda
The only child... pretty much.