Sleep 'til you're hungry, eat 'til you're sleepy ~ Unknown

The average amount of sleep required is 5 minutes more ~ Unknown

30 May 2010

Rumbly in my tumbly

Good Evening!

My tummy is rumbling. I wish Mother Dearest would get off her lavishly spreading bottom and serve me my bikkies.
This might work...

Oh, wait, how will she paw the bikkies into my bowl if I'm on her hand?
Hungry... Feed me... Now!

28 May 2010

An angel fell from heaven... and other snippets

Hey Pals!

I'm sorry that I haven't been visiting and posting much this week. Mum has been working late a few nights a week and we are busy getting fit for racing. Our first race is not this weekend but the one after and it has been a bit warm in the last few months to do lots of training.

Mum has been attempting to teach me "shake hands" which is a long and arduous process. Last night after an hour and a heap of treats we progressed to the part where I will move my weight from the shakehands paw and lift it up with coaxing from Mums paw tickling. It will be a very slow and painful process, but hey! Good things take time. Although I'm not sure theres much in it for me... it seems like a useless party trick.

I am getting meat with my bikkies at the moment to use up the Maranui meat we won at a fun event earlier in the year. Its DELICIOUS! I must convince Mother Dearest to get me some more when this load is finished. However she muttered something about " freezer room... blah". So I don't think my chances are very good.

Those of you that were wondering, MOTH stands for Man of the House. Pfft! He spoils a lot of my fun.

Thank you to those who have snuck a peek at my MD Information page. It is still under construction and more details will be added when Mother Dearest gets off her fat... I mean, when Mum kindly has the time to paw more information into the computer for me.

I also see that Mr Yak has announced his new relationship to the World! This is very exciting, congratulations Mr Yak and the gorgeous Ciara!!! Wish you both well in your blossoming romance!

Wheres the illustrations you ask?

An innocent pup:

A close up of the innocent pup:

Side profile:

Paw for thought:

The entire package:

By the way, today in New Zealand is Hug-A-Ginga day! This means we have wrap our paws around all those sweet redheads out there!

Happy Hug-A-Ginga Day!!!!

Have a good weekend everydoggy and kitty!

Mr Koda

24 May 2010

MD information

Greetings pals!

Mother Dearest finally got off her bum and put up my MD information page. She even had to fiddle with the Aitchtee Emm-El, whatever that is, cos she accidently shaded all the words!!

Here it is Pups and Kitties:

MD Information

Please leave a comment with any questions you have and I will get Mother Dearest (MD!! hehe) to paw some answers for you.

Keep safe and well

Mr Koda MD

20 May 2010


Greetings and salutations!

I've been watching a great show called Shark Men lately on National Geographic. Its really cool! They hook big ginormous sharks and tag and release them for data purposes. The main guy from 8 Below is on it. I didn't know he was so versatile. 8 below is my favouritest movie ever!

HA! Look at Mum's ridiculous slippers! Its embarassing sitting beside them. They are different sizes hehe the left is a medium and the right a large, cos Mums a dork and didn't check the sizing properly. She blames the shop assistant. I can't even begin to be serious when I look at those clodhoppers!

MMM Tummy rubs!
Hope all is well in the big wide world everypuppy and kitty!
Koda MD

Thanks Ginger and Buddy!

Hey Pals

I got this dear award from the great Ginger & Buddy! Thanks so much!!!

Now I have to share 7 things about myself! I've had one similar yonks ago, but I will try to share new things with you all:

1. I sleep in Mother Dearest's bedroom on my own bed. I was an outside dog but then she felt sorry for me out in the cold and I used to sleep at her feet which she said was "a pain" (didn't hurt me!). So now I have my own nest to sleep in.

2. As per above, I now have no undercoat due to not being aclimatised to the cold outdoors!

3. I refuse to learn to shake hands.

4. I am so friendly that some dogs can't handle all my friendliness - the barking, the playing, the in-you-faceness, etc

5. My brother Kole hates me. Yes! I used to go for walks with my brother but then we decided we didn't like each other! But I am a little jealous of him. Our little sister Cassie is living with him now (Furmums 2nd litter) and he gets to play and snuggle all day long!!!!!

6. When the MOTH is not home, I like to snuggle on the bed by his pillow, and I bark at him when he gets home because he is naughty for not being at home to give me scratches!

7. I have many different personalities. Mother Dearest is still working on the MD information page so you will find out more when she gets off her bottom and loads it up!

Any of you dear pups and kitties that haven't got this yet - please take - I wanna know stuff about YOU!

Mr Koda

19 May 2010

Green Sparkly Itching Ball

Good Evening Gentledoggies and Kitties

Do you notice anything different about me?

Yip! I bet you didn't guess at all! I got a brand new sparkly green ID tag, it has my details on the other side. The Mother enjoys colours if you hadn't already guessed that one, my last tag was a pink bone (For a boy like me, Ridiculous!). Here it is:

Quite enjoyed a bit of jawzercise today with my giant tennis ball. Not as gigantic as Dexter and Mango's but at least I can fit this little prize in my mouth.

Also, my itches have become somewhat bothersome. Mum keeps finding patches on my arms and legs where the fur comes out without too much fluffing about and reveals a little scratchy spot. I am like a big patchy dog, Patches McGee should be my new name. Its so annoying. But Mum doesn't know why I itch. The winter is usually pretty good so we should have a couple of months of non-itchies ahead. Mum reckons that some of my itching and scratching is in my head (No Mother! its in my arms and legs where the scratchy spots are you dilly dallying old goose!) I don't really know what she means. I like to hide my itching too so I can finish without being told to "STOP IT!". So I generally do my itching behind the couch or any other dark corner I can find.

Here is one new itchy spot on my front leg near my paw:

Its no fun I tell ya but I enjoy every minute of the scratching...mmmmmmmmmm.

Koda MD

18 May 2010

16 May 2010

Roadtrippin! Part Two

Welcome to the final instalment in my two part series Roadtrippin!

So we had some time with Yak's Mum while Mum was at the Harry Potter tooth vet and waited patiently in the car while Mum, Yak's Mum and Grandma dined for lunch. After this we had sniffs and stuff and I gave you a tour of our Furred Out car (coming soon in the first season of Fur Your Ride hosted by famous rapper FurDoggy Dogg).

So to continue with our adventures...

We went for a drive in the car to a little park with lots of trees and a lake. We thought we had ruined a wedding for a brief moment, but turns out they were just rehearsing - Yak might tell you about that sometime.

Yak's Mum thought she could hide treats in her pockets without a nosy Labradog locating said nomables. Pfft! Who does she think she is!!!?! Ahh thats right, shes Yak's Mum, Brill.

I had a poo

And waited patiently while Yak misbehaved during his photo shoot

Did you see that pokey tongue face he gave me! I wasn't the one looking like a goober. As fate would have it we were then coerced into a joint photo phoot. I tried my gooberface with no suceess.

Then we were mesmerised by the wedding practise going on down yonder.

A picture of the World Greatest Goober

We had time for a scout around the wilderness too. I came across some funny looking rocks that looked like ginormous gems that had fallen from the sky.

And we traipsed around together following tracks and rabbit nugget goodness and stuff

And located a good treasure trove of rabbit poo to munch!

Sadly the day had come to an end. It was time to get on the road for home. We were pretty tired from all the sensory deliciousness of our trip. Mr Yak lazed about on the ride home

And I did too. Until we got back to town! And I awoke with a start to oversea the dropoff of Yak and his Mum.

It was a long day.

But I hope we go Roadtrippin! again sometime.

Mr Koda MD
Roadtripped out and snoozing

15 May 2010

Roadtrippin! Part One


Me and Yak went on a roadtrip. Mother Dearest had to go to the tooth vet called Dentist. I googled "Mr Dentist" and this is what I got:

He doesn't look like a very friendly fellow. The appointment involved some of this:

Mum did continue to tell me what else he did but I got bored and went to sleep instead. Anyway, back to the fun bits.

Ahh yes. Me and Yak went on a roadtrip. Here we are in the car:

I'm nearly invisible. I let responsible Mr Yak have a go at the driving thing for a while while I took the back seat.

Mum went to her appointment while Yak's Mum looked after us boys. Aparently I am clingy. I don't know what this means but I have an idea that it has something to do with the way I whinged and kept a lookout for my Mum while she was gone.

After the appointment with Mum's Harry Potter Dentist (he had the round glasses and everything, I don't think Harry ever left Hogwarts. He was just too embarassed to say he went to muggle toothvet school and ended up working in Grandma's town), Mum and Yak's Mum and My Mum's Mum went out for lunch. Mum's face was half numb and my Grandma said she looked like Sylvester Stallone with a lopsided grin.

Here are some handsome photos of Yak for all the ladies out there, although I heard through the grapevine that he is a batchelor no more!

Yak doing his "Khyra pose"

Another photo of the young rebellious teen. To be quite honest and after a rigourous MD investigation, Mr Yak is actually very sensible. Pfft!

While we were sniffing, Mr Yak found a delicious treat in the stones, he told me off when I went near it. Ew why would I want that? Later on he found it again and swallowed it down the hatch before his Mum could get it out! HEHEHE
We did a lot of snoozling and read a few peemails. There were so many delicious delectable smells!

Heres a picture on my own, snoozling good and proper!

Welcome friends, take a tour of the redecorated car:
Koda MD
Remember to come back tomorrow for Part Two of Roadtrippin!

14 May 2010

Knick Knack Paddy Yak

Hey Friends!

I'm ever so sorry I have been out of action for the week. Things have been busy... blah blah blah I won't bore you with the details.

Hope everyone is as well and goodly as can be. Some of you lucky puppies and kitties are coming into your summer, and some of us lucky/unlucky ones are coming into the winter. Lucky cos it means there is sleddoggery racing activities to be had, but unlucky cos it will be far too brisk and wet and rainy and horrible outside to sunbake which I also enjoy.

I had a night out the other night. Me and mum went to visit Team Husky. I never used to have much to do with them until about a year or two ago and now we are fantastical friends as you all know. I will treat you to some action pics to save you all from having to read lots of words, Dexter I know you wouldn't have trouble but we have to think of the "others" eg Mango.

Me and Yak, innocent pups

Me and Yak again, did you notice a certain ebony someone hogging the kamrahs attention? Not my intentions I assure you. It is an anonymous plot to make me look like a tryhard celebrity which I am not. Yak is meditating and preparing mentally for the upcoming onslaught.

My secret battle move. This one only comes out on rare occasions.

"I'll paw you!"

Nyum nyum nyum biteyfacing

Then Summer tried to put a handle on me... twice (see that paw action!)

And I showed her what I thought about that.. she looks somewhat displeased

The evil white one tried to get her 2cents in, but I told her that shes a fruit loop and I wouldn't take any of her words with a grain of salt (slurp!)

Back to work

Then I felt like a rest because all this dogging around is very exhausting for an MD.

I had a play with Mr Prince's red Wubba. It is very cool, I don't have one of my own. I thought it was an extra special privilege for me to play with Mr Princey's toys. Mum made sure I didn't ruin it because that would of been very fun/bad depending who you talk to.

I kept my paw on it though

Mr Yak got interested

We briefly tried to share, but there wasn't enough Wubba to go around

See Mr Prince! I'm looking after your Wubba!
Mr Koda MD
Missing my friend Princey but finding a nice distraction in the Yakster