Sleep 'til you're hungry, eat 'til you're sleepy ~ Unknown

The average amount of sleep required is 5 minutes more ~ Unknown

27 February 2010

My Ma

Hi Pups and Kitties

I do love and appreciate my Ma. These are the reasons why:

She feeds me
She provides a roof over my head
She provides a cosy bed to rest my little head on
She takes me on adventures to explore and see my furiends
She nurtures my soul by allowing me time to nap
She paws all my blog posts when I'm napping
She buys me toys and all the other bits and pieces I need
She cleans my mucky ears, cuts my nails and bathes me
She takes me scootering and on other sled doggy activities
She cuddles, scratches and cares for me

So here I am, giving her some cuddles:

Even though I can't tell her, do you think she knows how much I love her?

Mr Koda
Going all soppy

26 February 2010

Santy Number 2

Hullo Puppies and Kitties

It is with great sadness I announce the dismemberment of Santy Number 2. You will know that Santy Number 1 suffered at the paws and jaws of an unknown attacker back in January. This is the most sombre occasion. I'm sure they were brothers or cousins or something...

"OH! Umm Ma I found little Santy Number 2 and he was all dismembered and stuff and I tried to put him back together with my paws and jaws and I couldn't, and then I panicked and then you crept up on me with that evidence collecting kamrah machine to spy on me, and it probably looks like I did it, but I didn't and its very unfortunate that I have been caught in this compromising position with the wee fellow. I didn't do it... honest."

Guilty until proven innocent

25 February 2010

24 February 2010

Smooshed floppy chops

Hello everyone!

Look at me, looking all regal and stuff.

I think its naptime.


23 February 2010


Greetings to all gentledoggies and kitties!

This is a cross breed species of critter, made up of Fur-of-Koda crossed with Carpetfluff. Ma calls them "tumbleweeds". They appear all over the lounge room carpet after zoomies, vigourous scratching and other puppieplay shenanigans.

This here is a different critter all together... this one jumped around of its own accord, I was very entertained by all Ma's shrieking and squealing and jumping about but then Ma sprayed it with the can of awful smelling critter-freezing spray. HA HA little critter, no more jumping for you! OH darn... no more entertainment for me!

Mr Koda
Free of jumping critters!

22 February 2010

Perplexion, aliens, trauma, furiends and Happy Birthdays!

Hi Puppies and Kitties!!

I'm waiting on Ma to open the door so we can go for our adventure...

After AAAAAAGES in the car (maybe 15 minutes, tops) we arrived at our location. I suited myself up and waited, waited and waited some more... "Come on Ma, Hurry UP!"

I had a fantastical walk with my furiends!! Lots of sniffs and delicious things to eat! I had some salad and also found a bone!! This was very unlike me! I don't usually care for things that have been dead a while but this one was just tooo tempting. Ma was useless as usual and didn't bring the kamrah along on the walk. PFFFT!

Once we got back to the cars we all looked pretty for the kamrah machine...

Can you spot the odd one out? Surely not...

Then Ma's kamrah machine started playing games on her and we all went a bit blue...

And my schnoz disappeared? Maybe it was taken briefly by aliens...?????????????
Then it was all ok, nose returned and kamrah machine operating smoothly again, I might have fixed it, I'm an MD so its just part of my duties.
Looking distinguished with muzzle addition...

It may or may not be a stray piece of grassy stuff... Fashionable methinks?
I wished these lads a Happy Birthday for Friday...!! Hope you had a lovely birthday Mr Moose and Mr Yakky! Mr Qannik was there too, but not in this picture - Happy Birthday too Mr Qannik!

And made sure that Mr Princey's 'bits' were intact... Mr Koda MD - Inspectoring.
I got attached to the Team Husky trailer and I DID NOT ENJOY IT! Some say I may be a little tinsy bit attached to my Ma and I don't like being separated even though she was standing about 2 metres away from me... Sometimes if I go walking with someone else or another of my furiends, I realise I'm not dragging my Ma along and decide that I will not take a step further and I dig in my heels and sometime I even collapse on the ground and get dragged a little bit. But Ma is my Ma and I want to walk with her and nobody else! I call it devotion or something, I'm not sure...

Perplexed Mr Koda... worried that my Ma will leave without me!

Joyous Mr Koda... Glad that Ma hasn't forgotten about me!
Happy Mr Koda!
Ma took some videos of my rescue from the scary trailer but they are a lil big to load on the blog... aparently I made a "scene" with a "striking performance". Surely not! Not me... Mr Koda MD!
At home with Ma!

21 February 2010

Yakky McQuacky - Under MD Supervision

Hello puppies and kitties!

I was given a very hard and stressful task... to look after dear Kodiak. As you know he had been to the V.E.T and had to wear his "Cone of Shame" which happened to be a very hard wearing bucket... how embarassing!! I was asked very nicely if I would be up to this task. As supervisoring is part of the MD job description of course I accepted.

Here we are, getting clear instructions from Ma to:

Of course we were model pups... I took some kamrah snaps to enable an evaluation of my successfullness as a supervisor and MD mentor for Yak at this embarassing time...

"Pretty please take the bucket off Nanny Kate, I have been furry good!!"

How do you think I did?

Yak pretty much chewed on my toys THE WHOLE TIME. Not much playing for a hopeful MD. However he was a very good boy and was still in once piece when his Ma came to collect him.

Mr Koda MD
Sleeping after this exhausting exercice - but please come back YAK!

19 February 2010


Hooroo Puppies and Kitties!

As you know I am a very responsible MD so it is a pleasure for me to be put into positions of immense pressure and accountability.

I'd like to introduce you to my cousin Lucas! He is ok, apart from being a drooly and grizzly mess. He seemed to like it when Ma took out the Kamrah machine, Show off! He came to visit for the day on Monday cos Ma and the Man-of-the-house had the day off work.

Its exhausting work!

OO and a bit of news, useless Ma finally got her bike chain replaced which means we can go FAST on Sunday for a bikeride!! YAY. This walking business - as pleasurable and social that it is - is driving me bonkers!

Ma has been teasing me a little bit when we are walking, prepping me for racing in winter. She does a countdown 5-4-3-2-1 OK! And I take off bounding, ears flapping, then realise that its a hoax and we are jogging and I am slowly dragging my useless Ma, AS USUAL...

Koda MD
Contemplating the upcoming events of the winter months, pull...pull...pull!

18 February 2010

Origins of my Grandmastuffie

Hi Folks

Ma was useless and didn't use the kamrah machine enough when we stole Grandmastuffie from my childhood home.

PLEASE! Have a squizz at mine and Princey's fantastical adventures in my home town!

Mr Koda
Me + Prince = Pals!

17 February 2010

My first award!!!


I am nearly speechless!

I got my first award today, from dear Twix and boy has it given me some warm fuzzies! She is such a sweet girl! And if nobody knew, she accepted my valentines rose!!

The rules with this lovely award are to share 10 things that make you happy and to pass it along to 10 bloggers.
My happy things:
1. My Ma!
2. Snuggles
3. Food
4. Playing with my furiends
5. Pulling my scooter
6. Meeting new pups
7. Swimming/splashing/paddling
8. Rides in the car
9. Napping
10. My bloggy friends!
Now for the 10 bloggy friends to share this with, gosh! I know most of you have had this award before so I'm going to offer it to all the cool puppies and kitties that haven't yet received it!
Peace out
Mr Koda MD

15 February 2010

My Grandmastuffie

Howdy boys and girls!

You remember the stuffie I stole from Grandma's house the other day? Well he/she/it is still around and also, I just noticed, is covered in little red hearts!!! Very "valentines day" I must say.

I haven't destuffed he/she/it yet. The day will come.

Ma keeps taking he/she/it off me whenever I get my "concentrating ears" on. I have no idea what shes on about. She said its when my ears go way down and I get gnawing with my side chompers. I wonder if anyone else has "concentrating ears"??????

We did have a little emergency though... For a brief moment I thought my Grandmastuffie was gone forever...

This is Justin, he is a friend of mine. He likes to steal my toys and sit on me!!!! Aparently he doesn't like me stealing his hat... Not that I would of course...

Its ok it was a false alarm, he was off to get McDonalds and I got my Grandmastuffie back in my jaws!

Thank dogness for that!!!!

Mr Koda
MDing again... phew!

13 February 2010


So... its Valentines Day Eve!

I've got a rose, but I don't have a valentine... Sigh.

I quality checked it this morning:

I waited and waited but still no valentine to give my rose to tomorrow...

Looks like its just me, with my rose... alone on valentines day eve...

Whats an MD to do?

Mr Koda MD

Thoughts from the MD

Hello Puppies and Kitties!! Hope you are all well and goodly, keeping regular and all that.

Its still nice and sunny here, but I'm kind of over it. Sun, foodtime, nighttime, sun, foodtime, nighttime. Too warm for pulling lots and lots and to be honest its a bit boring.

So when Ma comes home from work, I tend to spend a lot of time doing this:

And this:
And more of this:
My goodness my mind is going crazy!!!!!!! Bored bored bored!!!

Not that I'm adverse to the odd nap or five. MMM naps...

How are all you other pups and kitties faring?

Mr Koda MD

12 February 2010

Let sleeping pups lie

No day is so bad it can't be fixed with a nap. ~Carrie Snow

Consciousness: that annoying time between naps. ~Author Unknown

Sleep 'til you're hungry, eat 'til you're sleepy. ~Author Unknown