Sleep 'til you're hungry, eat 'til you're sleepy ~ Unknown

The average amount of sleep required is 5 minutes more ~ Unknown

28 November 2009

Pee Ess

I hope you all saw the incredibly beautiful and flattering picturemajig that Kodiak's Ma took of me!!!!!!! I haven't played with him in so long, I wonder if he doesn't like me anymore.

Is it my age? - a adept three and two thirds.

The colour of my fur?

The size of my ears?

Maybe I'll have to make the first move. Although I admit, today when my Ma arrived home smelling like Princey. I was not impressed!!!!! She swore that all she did was give him a quick pat. I bet she gave him lots of scratches and pats. Not on!! Actually on the other paw, may be it was ok. I do like Mr Prince and he is the father of by bestest friend in the whole wide world. And he likes me, a lot! So I guess I'll let him away with scrounging a few pats today. Just this once.

Because its nearly Christmas

Its an excellent excuse to dig out this brilliant photo of me decked out in my Elf hat. Christmas 2008. A merry time, quite obviously!

Mr Koda MD's Top 3

Howdy Pardnars!

I had a few spare moments to think today. After pondering the ways of the world and how to implement world peace, I started thinking about my most favouritist things in the world. After much deliberation I came up with a few things that I would like to share with all you Gentledoggies and Gentlekitties

Koda's Top 3...Moments
1. The moment that I decided that I should have been born a Siberian Husky. My best friends are Siberian Huskies, I like to pull and sometimes I decide that I DON'T want to do what I'm told. I like to be around my fellow canines and love to sleep all day, saving up my energy for those desperate times. See! Perfect Sibe material. Its just the canvas that wasn't thought out quite right and I got this dogforesaken black sheeny fur, floppy ears and some other Labrador-like qualities.

2. The moment I realised that cats are a dogs best friend AND a dogs worst enemy. This moment happened on my 8 week old barkday. Cats are fantastic friends - they enjoy sleeping, eating and a nice warm heater to curl up beside - cats are creatures after my own heart. However when you chase them they like to stop, turn around and take a swipe at any chasing doggies snout. It Hurts!

3. The moment I succeeded in migrating indoors. Who in their right mind of sorts wants to sleep outside in the cold, wet, breezy, noisy outsideness!!! I much prefer my bed, with its fleecy golden labrador blanky for my comfort only of course. And even better than that is the big bed, but sometimes it just seems a little degrading to sleep at someones feet. Sleeping inside has its perks also. You can wake your humans up at the crack of dawn and they CAN NOT ignore you. Especially if you wag your tail near a wall so all they hear is "thunk thunk thunk" which I have mastered and do so frequently. Fantastical!

Koda's Top 3...Activities
1. Eating. Pretty obvious really. Thats the Labrador coming out in me.

2. Sleeping. Also obvious. Who doesn't enjoy it? If you answered "ME", you are wacko.

3. Going walking, running, scootering!!!!!!!!! Its the most exciting part of my day and is always followed by the points described in number 1 and number 2!!

Koda's Top 3...Humans sayings
1. "Bikkies". This is one of the best words in the human language. MMMM...Bikkies....nom nom nom.

2. "Do you want to go in the car?". YAY!!!!!! This means fun and adventures! Love it.

3. "Go Pee". Sometimes its hard to convince yourself that you really need to go number 1s but its just too darn warm inside to be going out into the weather. So when someone suggests that I "go pee", you feel so relieved and happy that you can spend the rest of the day pleasantly comfortable and unbusting.

Koda's Top 3...Movies
1. 8 Below!!! It was awesome and I do admit I had a bit of a crush on Mya. Isn't she just the greatest doggy hero in the world, and beautiful too.

2. New Moon. I haven't viewed this one yet. Ma said it has wolves in it. Aren't wolves just extra big doggies?

3. Brother Bear. Can anydoggy or kitty guess why? Its because I was named after the Koda bear in this movie. Anyone who hasn't watched it needs to arrange to view it - pronto!

Nom nom nom....SIGH!...YAWN!...

I'm getting a lil sleepy from all this thinking! I think I might have to have a snooze and will think about my next favouritist things.

Mr Koda (Yawned and Sleeperous)

I dreamed a dream...

Bikkies...munch munch...SNORE!

...Nom nom nom...SNORE!..."Koda for goodness sake - SHH!"...nom nom nom.

The W word...BARK BARK BARK...SNORE!...nom nom...SIGH!

...Bikkies...nom nom nom nom...the W word...BARK!...SNORE!...nom nom...SIGH!


23 November 2009

Hot Stuff!

It was hot today, here is me standing in the sun panting because my shiny black fur was attracting the heat like a fat dog to cake.

It was far too hot! I don't usually mind the sun too much. My kennel was too hot, even with its increased ventilation. I couldn't wait when Her Indoors arrived home at lunchtime to save me from this swelterance!

Phew!! It was much more pleasant inside. I zoomed in and plonked myself (ever so undelicately) on ground, cherishing the coolness.

As I paw this into the Kompyutah thingymajig, the windy stuff has started and the big grey pudding things are arriving in the sky. One of them looks like a platypus...

Mr Koda (Don't like the hot, don't like the cold)

21 November 2009

Welcome to my office

Greetings Puppies and Kitties!!

I wish to present to you this fine evening, a very rare insight into my daily life and learnings. Somewhere that not many people or puppers ever get to see...

Welcome to... My New Office!!!!

This is where I will spend most of my time, in between napping, snacking and doing number 1s and 2s. I hope you will come by sometime!

Mr Koda MD

PS: The renovations on my kennel were completed some time ago and are now excess of requirements, If anyone knows a competent doggie builder who could spare an afternoon repairing my (for want of a better word) "Mess", please let me know. For a price of course.

20 November 2009

Moving office

Good Evening Gentledoggies!

I am currently waiting on my new medigcal office to be completed so I can show you where I'll be hanging out.

I'll show you as soon as its ready...


Mr Koda MD (Hopeful of fantastical new digs)

Friday Sigh Day


17 November 2009

14 November 2009

Entertaining myself

Its cold and windy outside. So rather than encourage outdoorsy activity, I decided to do a bit of exercise indoors.

To prepare my self for my upcoming exhaustion, I rolled and scratched. Gosh it felt amazing.

I was prepped, warmed up and ready to rock and roll. Nice chompers if I do say so myself.

"Hello little boney friend, do you want to die today?"

I commenced my activity....

Finished. Gosh that was exhausting. Time for a nap.

Tummy rub anyone?

Mr Koda (Commencing Sleepy Saturday)

Lazy Saturday

Good Morning Gentledoggies

Its Saturday. I had my breakfast spread at 5am and have been restless since. Not that I had a big activity filled day planned, but it would be nice to get off the couch for a moment.

If not, sleep it is, if I have to.

I know, it sounds terrible doesn't it? A day on the couch. Not so much for me.

The other weekend we did a fun run thingy in which I pulled Her Indoors to a silver medal victory and she won chocolates, she told me that doggies weren't allowed them, but I think she just wanted to scoff her face with them. What do you think?

I did get some doggie treats they were delicious, although there just wasn't enough of them.

The event was a circuit where you had to nominate a time that it would take you to get around. Heres a delightful picture of me PULLING my Ma over the finish line. I think she was skipping, the goose! Why would you skip in a serious event such as this!!!!

Why do I have to do the work?

Thats why, if today is a lazy Saturday, thats ok...

10 November 2009


Its Tuesday!!!!!!
That means walking!

I was ready to get in the car, eager to get on the road to meet my friends...

Hurry up!

"Hey! Theres Suki and Kodiak!!!!!! Hello Prince's Ma!!

Our walk was excellent, I was being properly naughty - sniffing EVERYTHING! Thats what walks are for, aren't they?

I was sure ready to get home for BIKKIES!

Oh come on! Hurry!!!!!!!!! I grew tired of waiting very quickly...

Faster Car, Faster! My bikkies are waiting anxiously to be delicately devoured...

Floor it! For goodness sake!

10 minutes later... Gosh a full tum feels marvelous...

After all that fluffing around and waiting, snuggling with my Ma is not soo bad...

Mr Koda (Replenished and Restful)

06 November 2009

Bachelor Koda

One dog

One rose

One lonesome friday night watching rubbish television, trapped inside due to Fireworks!!!!

Puss in Boots, Friend or Foe?

I have a bone to pick. Not literally, bones make my tummy upset. But a theoretical bone. Puss in Boots. I wanted to defluff him immediately!! But I was forbidden to. So I managed to get in a few sneaky gnaws, bites, nibbles and it seemed ok. Then SHE found me out and I was told to BE NICE or it will be TAKEN AWAY. Whatever that means. So we were forced to make amends, fly the white flag, surrender, whatever the right word is for that.


03 November 2009

Good Deeds

Today we received a pamphlet in the mail telling a sad story of a poor doggy that was put in a river in a bag with her puppies. She got rescued with one of her 5 puppies.

What is the world coming to!!!!!!!!

So I made a donation to help all the other poor doggies that don't have a nice human like me to share their lives with.

02 November 2009

The WOOF Theory of Attraction


I received a question from a dear boy, Kodiak. This is what he asked:

Hawoo Mr Koda MD
I would like yur advice. It is fury important and I hope woo can helps me.
I haf a girl I like but Maw won't let me have some private time wif her.
Any idea how I can either change my Maw's mind or sneak some private time wif her?
Also my brudder likes her fury much too and has had some private time wif her, does this mean I should not like her?

Play bows and woofs

Kodiak my dear boy, it seems like you've got yourself in a pickle!! I hope I can try to help you cos you are one of my bestest friends and I don't want you to be getting into spots of bother! I think the best idea is to go with the WOOF Theory of Attraction and if this girly wurl likes you then your bound to notice results immediately!!

Here it is:

W for Woo
Woo woo woo as much as possible. The girls love to be wooed and if you can pick some of your mums flowers and woo with them too, extremely good!

O is for Offer
Make sure the girl feels welcome, offer her to share YOUR toys, YOUR mum, YOUR space on the bed and anything else that means anything to you. She will be extremely delighted and impressed!

O is for Obligated
If the girl of your dreams that you mentioned even likes you a smidgeon then they'll be obligated to give you some affection or attention in return for the wooing and offering that you completed in the previous steps.

F is for Field
If the previous steps have for some reason been ignored and not reciprocated it is best to move to step "F" as fast as possible. You have to play the field. Pay attention to ALL THE OTHER GIRLS. Ignore the apple of your eye, Ignore your dreamboat, Ignore your Smoochywoo, whatever pet name you refer to her by. Make as many other female aquaintances as possible. The result being is that being girls they will gossip about this dashingly handsome respectful lad called Kodiak who has eyes for only one girl = your girl. Success!! How will she be able to resist? AND it has a double bonus of finding a suitable girl to steal your brothers attention and get him out of the way so you have a clear path to this woman.

I know if I was a girly wurl I'd fall for this trick everytime....! The only exception is if your mum says you aren't allowed, maybe there is a reason, I'd find this out first just in case...

Mr Koda MD

01 November 2009

Greetings and Salutations Friends!

Hullo! I have entered this blogging world without human companionment ready to offer advice, support, friendship while I attempt to take over the world.

Let me introduce myself folks:

M - Mindful
R - Regal

K - Kodalicious
O - Opportunistic
D - Diligent
A - Admirable

M - Modest
D - Devoted