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29 December 2009

Schwimming Mr Fetchit

Evening buddies!!!

I would also like to share with you a special thing I did today that I can't do at home... We live near a sea which means salt water, waves and googly horrible things in the water.

Today, I swam Lake Te Anau, lots!

It was soo much fun, I wish some other doggies (and maybe waterkitties) were there to play and splash with me. I just swam and swam and retrieved some sticks! Retriever, who'd have thought!

Look at me go:

Some I was on the lead, and others I got to be a good pupper offlead. It was sooo fun, can't wait to go again. It cooled me down heaps after a day of sunbathing and R & R.
I am so excited to be away from home. I feel rejuvenated and refreshed and feel like I'm a puppy again! It must be the mountains and the lake and the small town air. Who knows. Who cares! Its wonderful!
Mr Koda
Enjoying his holiday immensely!

On Holiday

Good afternoon doggies and kitties!

I'm on holiday at Grandmas house. Its great! The sun is shining and I have a great huge lawn to do my zoomies and scratches, its much more luxurious then the grass at home.

Its times like these I wish I wasn't black...

Look at the sky!
No rain! No dark ominous clouds!

I wonder if we can holiday here more often. Its great being able to lie out on the lawn all day in the sun!

Mr Koda
On holiday and loving it!
PS Hope everyone else is having a good Christmas break!

27 December 2009

Thank you Mr Santa


Hope Santy was good to everyone!

I had two parcels to open!!!

My first one was from Ma, I had seen her wrapping it so I was prepared for the goodies inside!!! Dad had to help me open it cos I wasn't sure I should be ripping the pretty patterned paper that encased my treasures.

I was so excited!! I love new toys!!! I also got a parcel from my Great Aunty and Uncle from Melbourne! They sent me some dog chews that look like pringles, my Ma loves pringles and I finally get my own packet!!!! They are yummy and Ma says they look good enough to eat!!

Hands off my doggy pringles Ma!

Guarding my doggy pringles.

Santy Parade

Hurrow Doggies and Kitties

On Christmas Eve some people and doggies in our sled dog club participated in the Riverton Santa Parade, Riverton is a small seaside town about 30 minutes from home and most of the local residents were there to watch us.

Before we could go anywhere, I had to have a sniff around the bushes and grass to get a feel for the atmosphere and go Number 1s.

Then I completed my Sled Safety Inspection, as I am required to do to make sure the doggies pulling and the human riding it were safe. Injury, death or worse is not something I want to have on my conscience.

Then I spied Santy adjusting his beard in his sleigh with his elves. I hope he had time to deliver presents to everydoggy and kittie all over the world after the parade was over!

I even spied Kodiyakky with his Santy hat on!! Doesn't he look handsome girls? And of course his Aunty Summer was there too, looking as pretty as ever. I hope she wasnt laughing at me!

Then we were set to go!!! Here we are waiting to take our place in the parade. Look at the other interesting characters you can see!

I couldn't get Ma to take any pictures of the busy street, all the doggies pulling the sled and walking alongside, and the other doggies we met during our travels but when we finished the Main St we could get the Kamrah out again...

We walked at the front of the group to give the other doggies something to follow, I obviously smell pretty good!! I had fun and I was a very good boy so I'm told.

Heres some of me!

I had fun, I hope I can do it again sometime!!!
Your pal, Koda

24 December 2009


See, I have pulled a sled on the snow too!

Mr Koda
Labrasiberiador Retrieverusky

Summery Sleddoggery

Hello Everyone

On Tuesday we headed out to the park where we do all of our sleddoggery activities and I found this:

Thats right, a sled on wheels! What were we going to do with this you may ask? We did this:

I'm not in these pictures but I trick you not, I did have a turn but at the time Ma was far too busy holding a lead so I didn't do something I shouldn't. She said afterwards that I am "single dog" not a "team dog". She also mentioned something about trying "weightpull" oneday. Don't I do this already, lugging her around three times a week!!!!!!

Heres me doing my post-sledding safety inspection, another of my duties as an MD:

Of course I'm being scratched, Safety Inspector is a position of high authority and I think he wanted to butter me up so the results of my inspection were ok. OO I like the green runners they are pretty, Green is my most favouritist colour.

And after that I finally got to have some free time. So I did this:

I cleaned lots of Number 2 bottom-messes from those messy bunnies. Someone has to.
I also had something exciting happen last night too. I got some visitors! Princey and Schnappi came to visit me and borrow some of our water cos they were thirsty puppers. They sniffed around my house and my yard, dodging my Number Twos and sniffed inside some more. Princey also found my Christmas Presents!!!!!! Hes a sneaky pupper, I think he wanted to take them home with him.
Heres a picture of Princey and Schnappi getting ready to pull the sled on Tuesday. Don't they look professional!

Tonight I am making my Parade Debut in the Riverton Santa Parade. Its going to be fun, I'm going to walk with Ma alongside the sled. Thats why we had a go on Tuesday, to practice our prancing and pulling cos its summertime, and we haven't done much proper work lately. And we need to make sure we all look good!!!
Ma will take her Kamrah so hopefully she will be able to show you some pictures of the parade and all of us doggies in fine form.
See ya for now
(Snoozing and preparing mentally for Santa Parade extravaganza this evening)

21 December 2009

I'm not fat...

Good evening Gentledoggies and kitties.

I have been doing some investigating into facts and things. I have found some fantastical facts...

I'm not fat
I need to eat more
I am severely underweight


Refer to this excerpt from Wikipedia (I'm going to pretend its reliable)

Size: Labs are a medium-large but compact breed. They should have an appearance of proportionality. They should be as long from the withers to the base of the tail as they are from the floor to the withers. Males should stand 22.5–24.5 inches (57–62 cm) tall at the withers and weigh 65–80 lb (29–36 kg). Females should stand 21.5–23.5 inches (55–60 cm) and weigh 55–70 lb (25–32 kg). By comparison under UK Kennel Club standards, height should be 22–22.5 inches (56–57 cm) for males, and 21.5–22 inches (55–56 cm) for females.

I'm only 27 kg.

Happy and underweight

Do as you're told!

Toy! You are on your last warning!

Play with me...


Oh the frustration...

Don't take Toy away from me, he needs punished for not doing as he was told.

I will get my revenge, Toy...
Mr Koda
(plotting revenge)

19 December 2009

A piece of coal for Christmas?


Santy, if you're listening - this is what I want for Christmas:

I found this pile of prezzies that Santy has dropped off to our house early, it doesn't look like there is a sled in any of these.

Santy... Have I been a naughty boy this year?

Mr Koda, Sad.

17 December 2009

Life and Learnings of this past week


How are you all?

I'm ok, I suppose. A bit bored maybe but faring well nonetheless.

Aparently it is nearly christmas time. This revelation came to me when a mysterious bucket of "Christmas cookies" arrived and Ma was stuffing her face with them.

Why can't I have some? Shove em in my gob perhaps.

I will tell you something exciting though, I got my first parcel from Santa, he must of dropped it off on his way somewhere cos its a bit early from my calculations. I'm told I cannot open it until Christmas, 8 days time. Isn't that like forever in dog time? Feels like it.

Yesterday evening I spent a brief period of time in jail. Just joking, I went for a ride with Ma and TeamHusky in their fancy wheels. Good fun I got a whole "cell" to myself.

I make a good looking prisoner dont I? Sometimes I wish I was in prison, I've had to put up with Mother Dearest moaning and groaning about her sore muscles...

"I'm stiff"
"I'm sore"
"My legs feel like jelly"
"Me me me me me"

How does she think me and Kodiak feel? We had to lug her round on our walk, freeloader!!!!

Stress releasing tummyrubs anyone?

Mr Koda (No MD this time, its the holidays, nearly)

11 December 2009

Koda, My Hero

Koda from the movie Brother Bear is my hero hehehehehe!!! I was named after him! He is handsome just like me.

10 December 2009

Kittie Cousins

Hello again

I couldn't sleep.

And I just thought of another two friends I wish to introduce to everyone. Cousin Lester and Cousin Keira!!!!

They are both kitties adopted by my Ma's Aunty & Uncle and they live in Melbourne Australia.

Here is Lester "I'm not fat, I'm just big boned". Hes a cuddly fellow and likes nothing more than the gentlest little tickles. Lester's favourite pastimes are chasing Keira and stealing Keira's food.

And here is Keira "If I catch Lester sneaking my food again, I'll kill him!" Keiras a tiny lil kitty and she is forever being tormented by Lester. Lucky for her she is agile enough to get to all the lil hidey holes that Lester can't get to because of his stature (I'm trying to be nice, he's sensitive about his size).

I have never met these kitties but I've heard all about them. I even got to keep some of Lester's fluff that came on the plane on Ma's clothes when she visited them earlier this year. Hehe!

Mr Koda

BLING!! BLING!!..."Hello Koda Speaking"


I'm just back from a walk with My Yakky. I've got my best friend back... YAY! If Princeys Mummy is reading this, I looked after your boy very well today and we had very good manners!

I'm a bit sleepy now though, it was very warm and we had two drink stops on our walk today. And my Ma wasn't as useless as usual and she brought along our own bottle of water! No Sharing for Me. Not that I don't share, I love to share. Its everyone else that doesn't like to share my nutritiously enriched slobbery water... Oops.

Last night I finally got to meet Bling!! He is very cool but a bit dopey. To be expected I suppose from a pokey little pupperdog.

I remember little Yakky when he was that little:

I got Ma to take heaps of photos. The little chap was scared of my for a while and just followed me round while I sniffed and Number Oned around his ginormous yard. Then he got cheeky!!!! Here we go:
Then I found this picture....

No wonder he was scared of me, I have a demon inside of me here. It was all a ruse, I Swear. I was actually quite fond of the little guy. This is a perfect example of "When Flashyboxes Go Evil"

Fix it!

Mr Koda
New friends are fantastic!